28 Days In California


[embed]https://vimeo.com/123318947[/embed] As a northeast transplant currently living in Southern California, I can certainly appreciate the need to escape the brutal, seemingly never-ending winters of back home – it’s what made me move out here in the first place almost a decade ago. That said, living out here in Never Never Land has made me softer and softer over the years. I find myself wearing a 4/3 in the mild winters and deciding not to surf even on days that would’ve had me up with the sun back home. It is refreshing to see a wide-eyed video oozing with stoke like this from a fellow yankee who is just amped to be out here for a month long visit and escape the cold back home. Thank you Hayden Brosnan for reminding us spoiled Cali folks how good we have it out here.

via Indoek