A Single Moment



Neal Purchase Jr wears a lot of hats, because he doesn't want to get sunburnt, duh.

He also has so many talents that I probably couldn’t list them all for you right now, but here’s a few, Musician, Shaper, Surfer, Designer, backside tube rider extraordinaire, Wizard and beard wearing beer drinker. The guy makes you feel real worthless, not because he’s mean, just because he’s so god-damn good at stuff. The folks at Rhythm pay him to be good at things, and he obliges. But his boards, man, his boards look like a real dream ride. He gives them fruity names like ‘Sweet Pea’, ‘Beans’ and ‘Quartet’, the below video show’s him shaping his ‘Angourie Corrugated Single Fin’ and testing it out in the warmer Northern waters. Slide. On. In.

video by Nathan Tommassi