All This Mayhem


Screened at Sydney Film Festival 2014 is All This Mayhem—director Eddie Martin's balls-out documentary about Tas and Ben Pappas—Australia’s most infamous professional skaters. From the late 80s into the 90s the brothers morphed from teenage skate rats at Prahran skate park to a relentless two-headed vert ramp phenomenon. Utilising endless handicam footage taken at the time, paired with interviews from Henry Sanchez, Lance Conklin, Dom Kekich, Bill Weiss and others, the film chronicles the brothers' winding rise to number one and two in the world, touching upon their revolutionary styles, feuds with Tony Hawk, and ingestion of every mood-altering substance going.

Not surprisingly their lifestyle had its complexities, and the Pappas brothers’ time at the top was short lived. By the 2000s drugs and jail time had eclipsed their skating and much of the film explores two decades of consequences and the difficult return to normal life.

All This Mayhem is directed by Eddie Martin and produced by Pank & Martin, alongside executive producers VICE Films.

Check it out below.


Cheers Kiel for the suggestion!