Brothers In America


[embed][/embed] “The Canadians are coming… Fuck yeah. Awesome!!“ We said when Briggs rang to tell us that he and his “Brothers” where on their way to L.A.

There is this deadly group of inspirational mofos from Vancouver that we couldn’t be more excited to party, work, collaborate and skate with. They share similar ideas any often make ours turn out even better while pushing us far beyond anyplace we’ve ever seen in skate / film. Our visions are very alike. The boys make us more passionate about what we are doing. The group cleverly call themselves Brothers. Not the ‘by blood ‘Brothers’ but by love and hate and mostly love, Brothers. Almost exactly like blood brothers, minus sharing the same womb part. Think the Lost Boys from Peter Pan with no mom / authority around slowing anyone down, allowing the boys to run wild as they please, minus the sparkly fairy dust. They are lead by this twenty-four-ish year old, tall, skinny badass named Briggs Ogloff.


Here’s what happened when they arrived.

Earlier this summer, Mackenzie and Mikey hitched rides to Coachella from Canada and have been lingering here ever since, patiently awaiting the arrival of rest of their Brothers. Two by land… Skylar and Slobberto drove the long haul from Vancouver singing the whole damn way. Briggs is the ringleader of this group, think Daryl Curtis as played by Kurt Russell in the Outsiders, and his buddy Carson hopped a train from Canada into Seattle and then flew to AZ. Our boy Austin linked up with the homies out in his once hometown – Phoenix, before they all rendezvoused in Los Angeles. Once we got the call that the Canucks where in town Munders drove up to Silverlake to join the rest of the Brothers and for a few days lived among them skating and partying and running wild from Los Angeles to Las Vegas. Can you imagine what seven or so young twenty-somethings, half of whom had never seen the Vegas lights nor the concrete dreams that lay between here and the strip, could get into when fueled by the very dynamic energy level and lust to explore everything the desert has to offer?? Neither could we, until they handed us the film and the clips from the trip. These guys are alive and do this for the solitary fact of doing it together. This adventure had no budget. This had no set in stone plan. The video that came back are just by products of a damn good time and this is the result of doing it from the heart without constrains surrounded by a group who is dedicated to the same exact philosophy.

We hope it inspires you as it has us.



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