Christian McLeod - Iceland


I caught up with Adventure photographer Christian McLeod the other day to see how his recent trip to Iceland was. By the look of the photo’s it needs no explanation.

Christian is 22 years old and was born in Montana, USA, however for most of his life he has been living in the lovely countryside of Ireland. He has just finished studying Mechanical Engineering and is working now as an Adventure Lifestyle Photographer.

So Christian how did this trip to Iceland come around and was there much planning?

I met up with Mark Clinton(@MarkClinton) and Mark Brenchley (@starkfrenchley) in Ireland only about 5 weeks ago, and while we were travelling through the outbacks of Ireland, they asked me if I wanted to come tag along in Iceland. 

Iceland had been at the top of my list for the past 2 years, and this was my perfect excuse to blow some of my hard earned cash and travel there. I only managed to get in a short week of planning and preparing but it was an amazing trip.




As all travellers know a lot of the time things don’t go to plan, Tell us a funny story of the trip so far where things have gone pear shaped.

Oh man. A lot of things have gone wrong over the years, from broken trains to near flight misses, to forgetting passports, but this trip has been incredibly funny in the fact that the rental car we got (Subaru Forester – All wheel drive) decides it doesnt like driving in an efficient gear, inevitably draining our fuel through the whole trip. Additional to that, the car throws up a “Check Engine” light but we had no idea what could be wrong, until the lights started to go, and the cigarette lighter stopped working. To a photographer travelling this is the part of the car you don’t want to stop working as it generally means no way to charge phones and camera batteries. 

We’ve had infinite trouble with this car and yesterday we hit two speed bumps in the middle of the night with fogged windows because the Air conditioning wasn’t working. 

All in all, it made for some funny moments. Especially seeing Brenchly go flying in his sleep in the back seat as we hit the speed bumps at 90km/hr.








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