Cliff: The Story of the Kickflip



Featuring a voiceover by famed skater Marc Johnson, soothing music by Balmorhea and laconic bird’s eye shots, this latest flick “Cliff” inspires in a mesmerizing, tacit way. The deceptively simple narration – titular football player Cliff Kaufmann demonstrates the theretofore unknown kickflip to a young, disbelieving Johnson – bookends a series of striking episodes that see different skaters followed, and in one case even preempted, by their own refracted copies. Although the method is reminiscent of DVS ads, the implications of the hypnotic effect are not commercial here but decidedly artistic. Each motion suggests not just the replication of a previous one but also its repetition into perpetuity. “Cliff” has a mainstream appeal that is rare in the hermetic world of skating videos.

via Highsnobiety