House of Vans London



Our latest HYPEBEAST Spaces takes us to the recently opened House of Vans London. Joined by Steve Van Doren as we are taken through the House of Vans’ historical Old Vic Tunnel location, we learn of the indoor skate park’s five uniquely themed tunnels; Tunnel One, a whole gallery focused on the showing of artwork; Tunnel Two, redesigned as a theater that will premiere and play top-notch skate videos that seats 166; Tunnel Three, an indoor skate-bowl; Tunnel Four, an indoor street-skate course; and finally Tunnel Five, a restaurant area for skaters to refuel. Proving again the support from Vans, in terms of furthering the sport and culture of skateboarding, House of Vans London is open five days a week and entrance is free of charge. Watch the video above for a better look at the amazing indoor complex — legendary skater Christian Hosoi even dropped by to test out the bowl.

via Hypebeast