Jack Hayward


Jack is a 19 year old photographer, surfer skater and keen coffee drinker from Wales UK. Just after his 18th Jack headed to Australia in search of surf, warm weather and a life no where else can compete with. After being there for a year he headed over to Hawaii, Cambodia and Finland. During this period of travel due to certain people he found himself drawn to photography and the way it was meant to be. No editing, no computers just raw developed photos. “Black and white photos I tend to find easier to take due to me being partially colour blind.”

After hitting the road to Australia and spending most of his time as a beach bum in Coolangatta Queensland and hitting the shores of Hawaii for two weeks, it was time to head home and then onto the shores of Cambodia. During this time Jack picked up a film camera which only runs 35mm and is fully manual, he knew it would be challenging to capture different photos. After a couple of test runs at home and set with 4 rolls of film he headed over to Cambodia.

“Cambodia is a surreal environment coming from the surf riddled lands of Hawaii and Australia. Where the beach includes waves and babes. Here there is no waves and lots of not sure if they’re babes.”

“I tried to capture the craziness and the surreal everyday happenings that come with Cambodia.”

Heading from the City of Phnom Penh where development is very prominent and the markets have everything you’ll possibly want that’s fake. To the north in Siem reap where you find underdeveloped provinces and the biggest temples where civilisation first was in Asia. Then through down south to the fishing village of Shinaukville. Where the beach is the best place to be and see. Fishing boats scattered everywhere.

"My time in Cambodia was a beautiful and surreal experience and I recommend it to anyone." – Jack












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