James Grundy


Born in Sale, Australia, and raised in Maffra, photographer James Grundy’s earliest memories of his interest in photography came from clandestine adventures using his parent’s camera without permission.  At 16, he eventually worked to save money to buy his own camera, a submersible digital camera. James explains with a light wit, “I must’ve taken about 20,000 surf pictures with it until one day the poor overworked little machine simply had had enough and quit on me.”  



Later, a renewed interest as an adult came about when a friend bought him a single roll of film for his birthday on the eve of moving to New York.  Once there, he picked up an inexpensive camera and began taking photographs on the streets of his new dynamic new home, New York.  “The city gifted to me the infinite possibilities of capturing human beings in everyday situations, people and activity that we seem to take for granted. Yet, the casualness of life becomes exciting once it’s locked into a negative that will last for eternity. It’s as if the answer to a riddle can be solved through the lens of a camera.  There’s something in that formula that’s exciting for me.” Under the title, Urban Race, he self-published a book of photographs taken on the streets of New York.




Larry Clark and Robert Frank are two photographers he draws great inspiration from. His current body of work, two years in the making, is a documentation of Skate Culture in Australia, of which he is a participant. With a Shakespearean reference in his chosen title, he will soon publish a book of photographs entitled “Salad Days”.  The body of work in his words is an “exploration of youth, idealism and the brief window in one’s life where the liberty of indiscretion is celebrated.”




James Grundy is currently living in Brisbane where he attends University.  Samples of his photographs can been seen on Instagram @grundazoid.


















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