Mykey Takes Europe

Sydney based photographer and general vagabond Mykey recently got together a group of mates to tackle the age-old Australian tradition of Euro-tripping. The group steadily made their way through a succession of countries, leaving a trail of good times and sore heads in their wake. Mykey was nice enough to share some highlights of the trip with us, so until next time here’s a quick fix from where you’d rather be.


At the start of the year over a few beers myself and a few mates decided our pipe dreams of long days and later nights somewhere north of the equator should well exist. After some long hauls at a call center in Surry Hills and a lot of two minute noodles we finally got off to Europe in early June, and I managed to grab a couple of photos along the way.


Our first stop was Paris where the locals greeted us with open arms.


After spending a bunch of time in and under the city we jumped down to a few spots on our way east.


We quickly became pretty familiar with trying to catch up on sleep on train rides, all the while trying to catch as much of what was around us as possible.


Accompanying that was a pretty basic diet of kebabs, frozen pizza and cheap booze.


Milan was pretty insane just in terms of its graffiti culture.


Venice wasn't as interesting for us but it was a lot of fun to poke around in for a day or two.


Budapest had some of the cheapest food shopping we'd seen all over, it also had a notorious relationship with a particular kind of moonshine.


I really like this photo, but I’m not entirely sure why. 


The forest areas of Germany were pretty interesting, to say the least.


We managed to get a good look in at the highest point in Berlin, which was an old abandoned spy station.


A friend’s birthday in an apartment in Berlin.


Our bodies copped it for a few days after that.


It was interesting to see the names you hear about all over the internet in the flesh, this was in Amsterdam.


Some graff on a submarine in North Amsterdam from the ferry, there was a Nekst piece on the other side but I'm yet to develop that roll.


This was the flat we essentially squatted in in London for a few days.


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