Nick Bannehr

If your into Bodyboarding i’m sure you would of heard of surf photographer, Nick Bannehr. Known for covering some of the biggest, baddest shit going down on the belly. Nick, hails from Sydney, growing up in the hustle and bustle of the big town. Entering photography through one of his biggest passions, surfing.

When Banny or BanYAAA has time away from studying photography, you will most likely see him around the traps of Bondi, getting very social with drink in hand. Banya knows how to have a good time but at the same time has a business head on him making sure he’s on the spot when the waves are good.

Here’s what Banya had to say about High 5…

I dont think i can single out 5 of my best images, i think every photograph has different elements that make it magical so heres 5 that pop into my head when i think of traveling!

1. Silhouettes


This image was shot one afternoon somewhere in the middle of the country. We were on a trip shooting a story for a magazine and needed a shot for the back (next issue) spread by that night, luckily the sky lit up with this orange glow and dark storm clouds in the background. I spotted a dirt road off the highway so we took a little detour to see what we could find and came across this amazing tree in the middle of a paddock! This photo was captured and then we headed straight to the closest Maccas to grab some wifi and have the shot sitting in the editors inbox before the night was out.

2. Live Bait


I shot this 5.5 metre White Pointer on the same trip as the above photo down off the Neptune Islands in South Oz. A surreal experiance diving with these dinosauars and one that sticks with you as a surfer and lover of the ocean in all future endeavous into the blue. This guy was actually wider than the boat we travelled out there on, makes you realise how insignificant we really are in their domain. 

3. A whole lot of ocean


We stumbled across this wave a few years ago one 4ft onshore afternoon and could see so much potential. Within a month, a swell popped up and we drove 28 hours straight to chase the biggest, cleanest swell ive ever seen down there. One of the biggest caves ever ridden in Oz you’d have to say, haven’t seen a wave like it hit that reef since either, only a matter of time.

4. K-Bay


A shot that sits close to me as its at my home in Sydney, 15mins from the centre of the city. This place has sand 3months of the year if were lucky and on its day has some of the blackest heaviest pits youll see at a beachie. Probably gets like this one day a year you just have to be onto it !

5. Please don't be Jaws


South Australia is on the same route that sees the biggest sharks in the world track to South Africa and back, a scary place to sit in the water that is home to some incredible waves. You can only imagine what creatures lurk beneath the surface!

The Other Top 5

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Max Arent by Luke Shadbolt



Words by Joshua Ku

Via Empire Ave