Scott Campbell


MINI Clubman launches a series of four short films that aim to tell the stories of four remarkable individuals. The first of the series is “This Way is My Way,” which features New York City-based tattoo artist Scott Campbell. Directed by acclaimed graffiti artist André Saraiva, the short film ventures into Campbell’s humble Brooklyn studio and explores the motivations behind his work. While Campbell’s scope of artwork extends beyond the tattoo parlor, his affinity for tattoo art is reinforced by the relationship of body and mind, and the intimacy that this kind of work entails with his clients. Campbell is a strong believer that ”the more you stray from your instincts, the further you get from yourself and who you are.” Each film in the series propels the idea that our biggest decisions in life should be made by following our gut feelings. Whether it’s deciding what car you choose to buy or any other of life’s qualms and queries, the “Go with Your Gut” campaign wants us to remember that conventional logic aside, we should make choices by trusting our instincts.

Stay tuned as the remaining three films in MINI Clubman’s The Cultural video series will premiere online in the coming weeks.








via Tight Blue Jeans