The Pool on the Hill

I shouldn’t be trespassing. My coats already on a shaky peg as it is. If I get caught by the police my day would take a serious detour into shit kingdom… but there are certain days that require a good old fashion breaking and entering… The last pool we found was at Liza Minnelli’s abandoned mansion somewhere deep in Beverly Hills. That day I remember my throat being extra dry as we tip toed around the grounds looking for the pool. I also recall the old lady with white hair storming out of the run-down house and charging us in the overgrown garden. I almost shiitaked in my shorts. As we bolted across the property and scaled the wall to safety I was sure it was the ghost of Liza M coming to haunt us…. Even though she’s still alive… But that’s a whole other tale. Today there appeared to be no ghosts at this incredibly scenic trespassing gem of a spot as we all scaled the wall like a bunch of endless summer GI Joes. The mansion was under heavy construction and as we picked our way through the job site we found this wee belter of a pool perched on the edge of the cliffs high above the ocean.

I could hear people drinking mimosas on million dollar patios above us as we skated. Andrew Allen, Cody Simmons and Tino Razo dodged head chopping, back scraping scaffolding as they tore this pool a new arse… while I ran around like a spider monkey trying to get photos. Afterwards we celebrated with meatball sandwiches. Today ruled!! – Logan Hill















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via Monster Children