Whether we like it or not, turning thirty is an important milestone for most of us. When you get to ten, your primary concern is cake and presents. By the time twenty comes around its a different story; you've very likely tried drugs, had a few sexual partners and been drunk more times than you can remember. Hit thirty and you're well and truly into the contemplation zone: where's life headed? Have you done enough? What's next? For Sydney photographer Frenchy, a photo retrospective on his Twenties is the obvious next step. Jack and I got stoned on the way to a Chuck Berry concert in East LA and missed a turn. We quickly ended up on the highway to Vegas and decided to go for it. Never had an interest in the place but went there nonetheless. There were no cheap rooms to stay in so we drove our car onto a spare block in a new housing estate and slept on the grass. Jack was out  fast but I couldn’t sleep because the sun was coming up so I got into the boot of our sedan and hung my feet out so it didn’t shut me in. Sometime later I woke up to hear a security guard yelling for help, he thought it was some kind of murder scene with Jack stretched out on the grass and my feet hanging out of the boot. I kicked the boot open and gave him the fright of his life – I didn’t realise at the time, but he had his gun out. He said he almost shot me.


I was always stopping to talk with these dodgy cats to find out their story. I felt like it wasn’t as much fun talking to the people who looked like they had all the nice things — they would just say they’d been working heaps.

Pangong_Tso 001

Camping on the edge of Pangong Tso, a saltwater lake almost 4500m above sea level on the India/China border. It was almost like the Mediterranean Sea dropped into the Himalayas.

Picture 011

Punks, Bellingen, NSW.

Venice_Beach 001

Cover up, Venice Beach.


Milk Bath, Bondi Beach.


I travelled to Iceland on the back of a surf trip to a tropical island off India. All I was thinking when I was packing at home was “I’m going to get so barrelled, I wonder if these boardies will rash me?’’ I forgot to pack proper warm gear for the second part of the trip and was so cold the whole time. I was wearing my sleeping bag all day, driving in it and everything.

Picture 002

In northern Iceland I was surfing all day and sleeping in the freezing car at night. I met an Icelandic guy who  invited me to come and hang out at an all-girls horse riding college. They told me Icelandic horses don’t bounce you up and down when you ride them because they have a special way to run. We ended up drinking beer in a natural hot tub at the beach looking up at the Aurora Borealis.

Montauk_Corn 001

Road trip to Montauk, NY.


Crossing the Himalayas on motorbikes with five great mates. Yep.

Frenchy’s debut solo exhibition Twenties, opens this Thursday April 23, 6-8pm at MMPG in Sydney. He’s also doing an artist talk on Saturday afternoon from 3pm. 

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