Two Sides of the Same Coin


OH DAWN continue to release impressive content/product, guess it goes to show you can make anything happen anywhere if you really want. This release is it's "Two Sides of the Same Coin" video showcasing making O.D. wood signs outside the workshop in Copenhagen and surfing. The production used two rolls of 8mm film shot six months apart. The interesting thing here isn't the wood signs, sure they're neat and stuff. It's more the film shot over six months - in a world where we're all looking for instant gratification, addicted to social media and never looking up, the patience and reward from doing this would have been amazing. Impressed us...

The first part showed the wood sign making. The second part, shot in The Kattegat, a left hand point in the south of Sweden which featured Tim Latte and Christoffer Hartkopp surfing. Check out the video below!



via Empire Ave