UNIV x Hosoi Hammerhead


  "The UNIV x Hosoi Hammerhead surfboard collaboration was shaped by Christian Hosoi and UNIV’s own James Addonizio in the UNIV Work Shop. The Hammerhead surfboard is a scaled-up replica of Christian’s famous skateboard design from the 1980s til today.

The collaboration was born in 2013 and then Christian came down to our UNIV Workshop in Encinitas, California and the first Hammerhead surfboard was shaped. The original is 5’5” by 22” and is true to scale to the skateboard dimensions. With a hulled-out nose, deep single to double concave, sharp rail and four-fin setup, the Hammerhead is designed for high performance surfing and flow.

We now have a few Hammerheads made and a great test pilot session went down recently with Benji Weatherley and Dylan Graves in fun California springtime conditions. We followed the day up with a session at the Vans Skatepark and Christian blasting Christ Airs and a method over the UNIV crew. Production of a few sizes of Hammerhead surfboards is on the way from UNIV and Hosoi in the next few weeks."

Video and photos by Julian Martin.



via Monster Children