VSCO: Transportation

We are not static. We move forward; we change; we age; we grow. Every morning, we make the decision to rise from our beds and join the world as it presses ever forward. This simple gesture is our first act of movement, followed by numerous others throughout our day. Across the world, humanity engages with various methods of transportation to propel us onward.

Each person and culture expresses this movement in its own distinct way. We may hail a cab, navigate a bike, or board a boat. We race to catch our subway, sometimes only to slump in a seat and doze for the remainder of the ride. We navigate solo through the streets on a skateboard or join the masses in boarding the train. Old-fashioned forms of transportation persist in our modern world alongside airplanes and space shuttles, each serving their specific purpose. In each instance, we participate in the ebb and flow of our world’s activity.

Sometimes, moving forward is not easy. Sometimes, we would prefer to stand still, to not take that first step. The photographs below remind us that, all around us, others join us in pressing on to accept the day’s challenges. We are collectively moving forward. Below are some of our favorite images of diverse forms of transportation from around the world.








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