You Won't Regret That Tattoo



As anybody with tattoos will tell you, being questioned on how they will look when you’re older is very, very common.

I’ve got a lot of tattoos, and have been asked plenty of times “But what about when you are old, what will they look like?”

It’s a pretty easy answer to be honest. They’ll probably look shit, like the rest of me. I won’t look good in my eighties, very few people do. Anyway, they will all be underneath a vest, a shirt, a jumper and a thick coat anyway, even in the summer.

Tattoos can look cool when you’re old, if you get something timeless and well done. If you get some shitty tribal piece of your mate Dave’s uncle ‘Mad Dog’ in his outdoor toilet for twenty bucks, then probability is that your tattoo will look like shit well before old age. I’d hazard a guess that it’ll look terrible before it’s even finished.

I don’t regret any of mine at all. Thankfully I’m not too much of a plonker, and I do put thought into what I get. So hopefully, I end up as happy about them in 50 year time as I am now.

Made by Angie Bird, ‘You Won’t Regret That Tattoo’ shows older people talking about their body art, how and why they first got tattooed, and how they feel about them now.

via Unilad