1967 Hodaka Ace 100


When Chris Tope of Utopeia Moto Co. found an old chrome gas tank at a swap meet, he felt there was something special about the patinated petrol container. After doing some research into the unfamiliar ‘H’ name badge from the side of the tank, he knew he must hunt down the bike, and thus the inspiration for this beautifully built 1967 Hodaka Ace 100.

With a donor bike being sourced on eBay for $120, Chris set out on an eight month journey of tearing down and rebuilding this little moto in the back of his fifth-wheel trailer. Influenced by Native American art from his childhood home, Tope gave extra attention to the acute details on the build in order to bring fans in for an even closer look. The amazing minutiae includes handlebar grips made of cholla cactus, a one-off Navajo blanket style saddle, and hand-engraved coins adorning the gas tank and bar ends. Even down to the dreamcatcher hanging below the seat, no feature was to small to be excluded from this vintage mini motocrosser.

Via Iron & Air Magazine