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Calm, Spooky and Jaw-Dropping: Beyond the Noise

Beyond the Noise by Andrew Kaineder has just premiered in the UK and picked up a “Best Cinematography” gong at the London Surf Film festival. Spooky, mystical and utterly calming – it’s like a massage for your brain at the end of a busy week. Featuring Noah Lane and Harrison Roach, the film follows their quest for silence and the ensuing calm.

“The film took almost a year start to finish, non stop,” explains Andrew. “It was the only project I worked on in 2018. It started with me fracturing my leg two weeks after getting the green light, and ended with Noah tearing his MCL and PCL. I’m sure it was cursed, but we got there in the end.”

Check out the trailer below and catch the film in Australia on iTunes in December, with a Sydney premiere on November 22. Find out where by following the film on Facebook.

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Oh Là Là Paname

adidas Skateboarding’s recently dropped edit Oh Là Là Paname follows pretty much the whole team through the streets of Paris.

Featuring the young Heitor Da Silva, Lucas Puig, Magnus Bordewick, Gustav Tønnesen, Kaio Hillebrand, Günes Özdogan, Chewy Cannon, Raul Navarro and Benny Fairfax, along with European team riders Marcus Shaw, Titi Gormit, Filip Almqvist, Ruben Spelta, Patrick Zentgraf, Hermann Stene, Gauthier Rouger and Amiel Kornicki. It’s an all-star team like no other, in one of the most iconic skateboarding cities in the world. Watch the video above.

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Do or Die

It was the greatest shootout in NBA history… But the players were not on the same court.

The 1977-78 NBA scoring title came down to the final day of the season. Heading into their last games, San Antonio's silky-smooth forward George Gervin was averaging 26.8 points per game. High-flying Denver showman David Thompson was at 26.6. Thompson had the greatest game of his career, shattering Wilt Chamberlain's record for most points in a quarter. When Gervin took the court later in the day, he knew that he had to respond with a masterpiece of his own—or else risk losing the crown.

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LCD Soundsystem’s ‘Oh Baby’ Video Is a Six Minute Sci-Fi Drama

In the fascinating music video directed by Rian Johnson for the LCD Soundsystem song “Oh Baby” from their new album American Dream, an loving couple, played by actors Sissy Spacek and David Strathairn, work together to create something big. They start out with the complicated math, move onto the construction and finally test their creation out with a big red ball. The experiment results in great success and the red ball disappears between two metal frames labeled respectively “Here” and “There”. When Spacek’s character is shot during a break-in, Strathairn’s character knows exactly what to do in order to stay together forever.

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'Wajung' is a short film by Nathan Oldfield commissioned for The Surfer’s Journal. It features the surfing of Dave Rastovich and the music of Nick Wales. 'Wajung' is the name given to the bottlenose dolphin by the Arakwal People, the traditional custodians of this region of Bundjalung Country on the Far North Coast of New South Wales, Australia. Wajung can live for over fifty years and they typically live as a community of residents along a particular stretch of coast. As a result, they know the local seascape intimately.

Read an interview with Nathan here.

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Whack World

Discouraged by the abominable state of new music these days? Allow me to introduce its saviour: 22-year-old Tierra Whack.

The Philadelphia artist’s debut audiovisual album, Whack World, is a 15-minute tour of multiple genres, rap styles, vocal techniques, and surrealist imagery. Whack first began her musical journey as a rapper by the name of Dizzle Dizz, before experimenting with her sound over the last few years. The result is a mind-melting mix of soundscapes and styles, with each song clocking in at exactly one-minute long.

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MR PORTER Spends Time with Haydenshapes

Recently, the team from MR PORTER travelled over from London to Sydney and spent some time with Hayden Cox. In collaboration with IWC Schaffhausen, MR PORTER created a video piece (directed by Kai Neville) that captures a glimpse into the Haydenshapes brand and the man himself.

“I never started out thinking, I wanna create a surfboard company, I shaped my first board, then a few months later I shaped another one for my best mate. For the next one, I figured I’d need a logo. That’s when I came up with Haydenshapes. It came to me while I was at a party.”

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How Apple's Motion Watch Faces Are Made

Apple isn't exactly a company known for offering frequent peeks behind the proverbial curtain. Getting this kind of perspective though shows just how dedicated the team in Cupertino is to nailing the details – Apple took something that seems relatively basic at first and pursued it to its logical conclusion, giving us something awesome in the process.

"We probably could have done this digitally, but we actually shot all of this practically in a studio" says Alan Dye, Apple Vice President of User Interface Design, of the motion faces. "What I love about the fact that we did this is that it's just so indicative of how the design team works.”

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Watch Nike's Latest Campaign, Dream Crazy

Get inspired to follow your dreams with Nike's latest powerful campaign. Narrated by Colin Kaepernick, the ad highlights athletes like Shaquem Griffin, Alphonso Davies, Serena Williams, and LeBron James who beat the odds to not just play their sports, but dominate them.

Nike’s share price has dropped recently. But their stock investment from under-35’s has grown exponentially. Why? Because under-35’s pay attention when brands stand up for a cause. Nike has raised a middle finger to older, conservative Americans. But in doing so, they have repositioned themselves to an entire generation of fans, and rebooted themselves. With this campaign, they are now a challenger brand with a powerful, simple message; dream crazy.

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This Short Film is Full of Emotional Anarchy

You know why that security footage of an office worker throwing the printer out of a top floor window is so hilarious? Because we’ve all wanted to do it. And if I had a dollar for every time I’ve wanted to slap some loud-talking moron’s phone onto the floor, I’d have enough for that pair of A-grade noise cancelling headphones from Bose that I’ve been angling for for months now, to no avail.

Like a bald Britney Spears trying to mutilate a car window with an umbrella, humans abandoning all form of self-control and partaking in a little emotional anarchy is one of the highest forms of entertainment known to man, which is why two-minute short film Enough is just so good. Director Anna Mantzaris’ cute but dismal characters decide to throw social decorum (and at times, their computers) out of the window, in the most relatable of social situations.

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The Fight to Save Europe’s Remaining Wild Rivers

Patagonia tend to be the ones towing the bandwagon that other companies jump on board, and legendary environmentalist/activist Yvon Chouinard’s Patagonia funding of projects that draw attention to the myriad of threats to the natural world is unparalleled in a company of its size. The latest of which, Blue Heart, is a wonderful piece of journalism that documents the struggle to save Europe’s remaining wild rivers from being turned into hydropower plants—a so-called renewable energy source that’s nowhere near as green as it’s been billed.

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Mountain Biking the North Pole

Darren Berrecloth has spent his life seeking out the most remote places on earth to mountain bike. The professional rider has been around the globe, biking some of the harshest terrain he can find — and now he's found his favorite spot. The uninhabited island of Axel Heiberg in Canada is just 70 km's south of the North Pole, and Darren and his team made the difficult journey for the ultimate payoff.

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The World's Most Remote Fashion Label

Stationed on a tiny island off the west coast of Ireland, Inis Meáin, founded in 1976, focuses on quality cold weather essentials that look as good as they feel, drawing inspiration from the landscape and heritage of their non-traditional home through centuries old traditions. 

Get to know the label and its founders through this intimate short film that does justice to an incredibly individual, and family oriented label. Head over to Mr. Porter here for the full story. 

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Iceland's Volcanic World

From boiling rivers to expansive lava fields, Iceland is a geothermal wonderland. Its volcanic landscapes will have even the most seasoned adventure in awe. That's exactly what happened to explorer and geothermal scientist Andres Ruzo when he visited the geysers, glaciers, and volcanoes of the Nordic island.

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Tinker Hatfield's Creative Inspirations

Tinker Hatfield is a legend in the sneaker world. The pole vaulter turned architect turned Nike shoe designer Hatfield first made a name for himself working alongside Michael Jordan on the legendary Air Jordan sneaker line. In an in depth conversation with Colorblind, Tinker reflects back on everything from designing the Nike Air MAG's for Back to the Future II to how he uses motorcycling and music as part of his creative process. While at his Portland warehouse, Hatfield reminisces about some of his big career moments as well as the inspirations that fuel his creative process. 

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Wakeskating a Volcanic Valley in Jordan

Towering volcanic rock, flowing mineral pools, and desert vegetation. Sounds like the perfect backdrop for an epic wakeboarding video. Brian Grubb thought the same thing when he headed to Jordan to navigate the narrow canyons of Wadi Al-Hidan. Grubb is no stranger to riding unique waters having shredded the waves of an ancient Cleopatra Pool, a cranberry field, and the rice terraces of Banaue.

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Hong Kong's Neon Glow

The neon signs that illuminate the streets of Hong Kong are as iconic as any landmark in the city. At the hands of craftsmen like Master Wu, who started making neon signs in the '80s and has been filling Hong Kong's streets with bright neon signs ever since., the vibrant cityscape has been featured in films like Blade Runner and Chungking Express. Sadly, the rise of LEDs has brought the end of an era as Hong Kong's signature glow slowly begins to fade.

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The Sparrow Mart

The Sparrow Mart is stocked with all the best produce. Everything from ramen and sushi to siracha and champagne, they have it all. The only thing is, every item is made from felt. British artist Lucy Sparrow follows up her New York City bodega with an all-felt supermarket in Los Angeles. Furnished with over 31,000 handmade sculptures, the project took Sparrow and five assistants an entire year to complete. The exhibit is located at The Standard hotel and is open until August 31st.

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Jonah Hill's Directorial Debut Looks Good. Like, Really Good

Written and directed by Moneyball and Wolf of Wall Street star Jonah Hill, mid90s is a Los Angeles-set coming of age story that looks like nothing you might have seen before. From the letterboxed cinematography that feels like you're watching an old home movie to the stunning color grading that feels so authentic to memories of the 1990s, Hill makes a lot of interesting stylistic choices that should hopefully pay off in spades once this starts screening later this year.

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The Poetry Between the Lines

Quentin Tarantino is a cinephile of the highest order. With such a massive film library in his head, when his ideas come to the screen, there's a lot of history in each shot. But it isn't just what you see that Tarantino wants you to remember — it's the hidden subtext between each line, movement of the camera, or look from the actors. Now You See It dives deep into Tarantino's philosophy, all in his own words, from archival interviews and behind-the-scenes footage from his career as a director.

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