Shoe-shi with Chef Yujia Hu Onigiriart

Chinese-born chef Yujia Hu is using his culinary and artistic skills to craft masterpieces—sneakers that are made out of sushi. Hu works in his parents’ restaurant in Milan. The 28-year-old attended art school but quit to work in the family business. In spite of leaving art school, Hu was inspired by the art scene and decided to combine his culinary skills with his passion for art by creating artistic masterpieces that can be eaten.

Being a big fan of the NBA, Hu decided to create some of the most popular NBA sneakers the sport has seen, including the Nike Kyrie, Yeezy, Air Jordans and Damian Lillard adidas. Hu posts all of his creations to his Instagram page. His fans now number over 10,000, and it is easy to see why. These sneakers are seriously cool. They are perfect miniatures of the shoes. Hu has said that he spends hours putting these creations together. The time has paid off because they are pretty impressive.