Awayco Makes Surf Travel Easier Than Ever


Let's be real: traveling with surfboards sucks. Between worrying about careless baggage handlers busting your boards, absurd baggage fees and the hassle of carrying a board bag through a crowded airport, the entire process is seemingly designed to maximize stress.

Enter Awayco.

Awayco is a membership-based platform for high-performance surfboard rentals. They are now based in Australia, the United States and Indonesia. Their goal is to save you the hassle of traveling with surfboards and bring you the bottomless quiver bag that you’ve always wanted. 

World Surfing Tour veteran Adrian "Ace" Buchan wanted to put an end to the madness. Last year, he and his friend Gideon Silverman had the idea for Awayco, and they realized that with Buchan's industry connections and Silverman's technical chops (he was a product manager at Google at the time), they could change the way surfers travel.