Backflipping Barriers


Leave it up to the Canadians, to be the first to do a backflip off a barrier.

Check out this video of Trevor Paquette doing just that—a backflip off a concrete jersey barrier. In this case the jersey barrier has a hefty transition leading to it, in essence making it more of a quarter pipe or a ramp with vert at the top. Editorialized in this 5 minute video, in which Trevor gets pulled in on a motorbike, the trick does seem pretty badass. I like to think it was the outcome of a drunken bet or the riffing of a group around a campfire, a sort of braintrust cooking up ridiculous scenarios that somehow became reality. My first thoughts were that it wasn’t really a backflip – he kind of twists it around – but if you stick around for the whole video Trevor makes the same observation and does a second—er—proper backflip off the barrier. Props, Trevor, now let’s see one from a jersey barrier on flat with no transition.

via Monster Children