Church Home


As far as unique home renovations go, the Church House by DAHA has got to be up there. A few years ago, the Church of Transfiguration in Norman Park, Brisbane was purchased for a cool $2.4 million, but on the condition that it had to be preserved thanks to its heritage listing. DAHA proved to be up to the challenge of creating a family home on the land without disturbing the nonagenarian church.

The architects crafted a modern extension to the original building. Elegant landscaping was employed on one side of the new home while a tennis court formed the other side. No longer for parishioners, the church now acts as an entertainment space for the owners, with a mezzanine level home office. Connected via a zinc tunnel, the new extension serves as the living and sleeping quarters for the family.

Offering a total contrast to the church’s interior, the extension features a highly refined and modern design, thanks to interior designer Georgia Cannon. Concrete is king, with timber and metal accents found throughout. The contrast is all part of what makes the Church House such an interesting and unique project.

Photography by Cathy Schusler.