The Coolest Electric Bike We Have Ever Seen

Forged with inspiration from the bikes of the ’60s and ’70s, the new electric bike from Onyx is a retro-futuristic racer. Dubbed a “cafe blaster,” Onyx has recrafted a vintage model for modern use, with their RCR electric bike.

Built tough, with the nostalgic, sheer metal look of the retro cafe racers, these tawny and chrome motorbikes pack a punch for an electric vehicle of such modest dimensions. The RCR offers 72 volts of torque, and can reach a top speed of just under 100km/h. On just one charge, the RCR can venture up to 120km, much more than the short jaunts that other electric bikes afford. Onyx declares that the RCR delivers oomph emulous of a full two-stroke engine, through the whole throttle range of three speed modes. Rugged with 17-inch wheels and hydraulic front brakes, the e-bike has some ornamentations of modernity, like an LCD display speedometer.