Cornelia Tiny House

There isn't much that is social about writing. Sure, an author can go and party all they like, but when it comes down to doing the work there isn’t much more to it than sitting alone and putting words on the page. Why not enjoy the solitude? That is what international bestselling author Cornelia Funke was thinking when she commissioned the Cornelia Tiny House.

Designed and built by New Frontier, this cozy cabin functions as a private library, a writing room, and a guest room all while letting in plenty of natural light. This last feature comes courtesy the floor-to-ceiling windows along the front of the home, as well as the windows along the side of the home just underneath the ceiling. Step inside and visitors will be met with expressive wooden floors, ample room for a couch, and a fold out desk for writing while alone or for dropping down when visitors come. A rolling ladder is included for reaching the bookshelves located along the top of the building, as well as getting up to the lofted bed which sits just above the water closet and sink.