1965 ‘Dastardly Ducati’ 250 Scrambler By Motorelic


Based out of Hamilton, VA MotoRelic is run by the talented Sean Skinner with over 20 years of industry experience at his command. This level of seasoned prowess shines through his work like stained glass – this 1965 Ducati 250 Scrambler notwithstanding.

Dubbed the “Dastardly Ducati,” the bike originally made its way into the shop in chopper form. So naturally, Sean decided to scrap the superfluous frame in favor of something a little more modest. What remained was the swingarm, and engine encompassed in the original frame. From here, Sean went for front and rear hubs that are now fitted with Excel rims. Additionally, the forks were pulled from a TS250 and a modded-out Icon shock was fitted out the back. The tank is from a T350 and the headlight remounted and now painted to match the sleek color scheme. Next was the engine, where Sean decided to source some new Ducati components – bearings, seals, gaskets, clutch, and valves – before all was right with the world and the minimalist scrambler was sent off with one very lucky customer.