Ecub 2 Electric Moped By Shanghai Customs


In design, there is always something magical about a product that can harness a nostalgic image and bring it back to life with contemporary technologies, where the old meets new to become something indispensable. Shanghai Customs has been toying with this design driver and have come around for a second iteration of an electrified Honda Cub, with this round being given the eCub 2 name.

For this round of the eCub, the Shanghai Customs team wanted to step it up a notch and bring this project up to a full production level build. The stock plastic body panels have been binned in favor of a stripped-down look, with the build putting an emphasis on the stamped steel construction that makes the little Honda what it is. A new swingarm was milled from aluminum which gave clearance for the wider hub mounted 1000 watt electric motor, which also gave a new mounting point for the upgraded rear shocks. The eCub 2 gets its juice from a bespoke Samsung lithium ion pack which provides 40km's of range ripping at 50km's per hour, giving you just enough pep to enjoy trafficking without being run off the road.

Keiran Woods