Elementos Cubanos


The opening of Cuba to the world has been a gradual process, and there’s still plenty of things that are lagging.

Just one of freedoms that we take for granted, but that still allude locals, is lack of access to imported recreational goods, like skateboards. If you’re a skateboard co. and you want to post a box of boards to Cuba, you literally can’t, as there’s no open trade route between Cuba and the US. That’s where companies like Cuba Skate come in. Cuba Skate is a non-for-profit that takes quarterly trips to the island to help the fledgling skate community to grow. This trip—with the help of a portion of the Element skate team—focussed on building boards and DIY skate spots to allow the locals to indulge their relatively new passion. Special kudos has to be given for the DIY pressing/vacuum contraption used at the 3:30 mark, putting JC’s teaching-a-fisherman-to-fish parable to good use.