Elliott Routledge's Strange Oasis


Elliott Routledge (or as most know him, Numskull) is a name synonymous with Sydney's contemporary art scene.

Living in Sydney, it’s almost impossible not to have come across his work. Splashed across walls, adorning the sides of one of the city’s most visible universities, and exhibited in countless galleries, Elliott’s work is instantly recognisable. His preferred colour palette of vivid blues and reds form abstract shapes that explore colour hierarchy and typography, a concept he has extended throughout his new exhibition Strange Oasis, which opened last night at RVCA Corner Gallery in Collingwood, Melbourne.


For this collection of works, Elliott has drawn on his fascination with popular iconography and symbolism to recreate meaning within his bold use of primary colours. As the name suggests, he was inspired by the idea of an ideal Oasis, something that exists outside of the noise and clutter of life “filled with treasures that make up who we are.”

The exhibition will run until November 12.