Fear And Frothing (or Xhosa, a South African Surf Trip)


"Our directions, written on a folded, dust-covered piece of paper that is constantly being lost, are as follows.

26.4 kms: Gravelled road. Veer left on fork

4.7 Kms:  Dirt track. Second right at fork

3.7kms: Ford River, Second track upstream.

42.2 kms: Straight through village

29 kms: Left at sign

600m: Second track.

We spent 7 days on The Point. The Point is a different world from The City. Every day's the same: good waves, good vibes, morning Coffee and Cigarettes an evening Black Label and Braai. Asleep by 9pm, awake by 5. Some days we forage mushrooms. We eat the biggest crayfish I’ve ever seen. The Point becomes home and the biggest worry we have was Sharks and rolling the land rover on the track to the point.

It was a blissful existence."

via Stab Magazine