Freycinet Coastal Pavilions Will be Your Next Holiday

Some might have only heard of Tasmania by way of the little devil from Looney Tunes cartoons, but it’s so much more than that. Tasmania is an island-state of Australia, a land of awe-inspiring beauty and vast oceanic vistas, with huge national parks and untouched land. The Freycinet Lodge Pavilions are the perfect way to become immersed in the island’s immense forestry and incredible landscape.

Designed by the architects at Liminal Studio, the Lodge Pavilions are small and unobtrusive, nestled directly in the heart of Freycinet National Park. They gaze out onto the towering, pink granite Hazards Mountain range. There aren’t any hazards in the elegant lodge interiors, where one can relax and admire the beauty in comfort from behind that yawning windows that open up to the island view. Built to match the biome, the wood paneled lodges gel seamlessly with the natural beauty of the scene. Vegetation and brush cover parts of the lodges, giving the feeling that you’re embedded in the environment.