Hate Laundry? Us Too. The Gessato Laundry Punch Bag Will Fix That

The Gessato Laundry Punch Bag lets you deliver an uppercut to your dirty clothes. This bag was designed by Jason Lempieri, a Pennsylvania designer and adjunct professor at Philadelphia University’s Architecture and Industrial Design program. Lempieri’s designs focus on making ordinary objects extraordinary and unfamiliar. He combines functionality with stylish design. This bag is certainly functional and a lot more fun than a typical laundry basket.

Styled like a punching bag, the Gessato Laundry Punch Bag holds laundry. It is big enough for several weeks of laundry. You can stuff it with up to 68 kg of sweaty gym shirts, boxers or whatever else you want to put inside. Then, when you need to let off a little steam, just take it out on your dirty clothes.