Everyday Carry Essentials

They’re not random. You don’t just toss them in your pocket. Oh no, your Everyday Carry (EDC) items are the deliberate result of concentrated streamlining and maximization of portability and preparedness. But if you don't know where to start, here is some of our favourite things to carry, and also to carry them in. 

Bellroy – Note Sleeve


Keep your cash stashed safely away in this sleek wallet by Bellroy. Made of premium full-grain vegetable tanned leathers, it’s soft to touch and built to last. It can store up 11 cards but the slim profile of the wallet means you won’t experience any back-pocket sagging.


Orbitkey – Key Organiser


Orbitkey aims to inspire and change the way people interact with their keys. They transforms your messy bundle of keys into a neat stack. Accommodates between 2-7 standard keys or tools, and you can get some neat accessories like a USB key and bottle opener that fit into the stack also.


This Is Ground - Tech Dopp Kit Mini 2


The Tech Dopp Kit 2 is a premium leather travel zip-up organizer with designated spots for all of your tech/technical gear. Its inspiration is half bento box, half traditional dopp kit—a 20th century-style travel bag with neatly arranged compartments for the modern pro's tools, that can be swapped and changed daily. 


Tile - TileMate Tracker

Ever misplaced your keys or your wallet when you are in a rush? So have we. Tile helps you locate your keys or anything else you can hold onto. All you need is one of Tile's simple, small trackers in your wallet, on your keys or similar and a smart phone with the Tile app. It's cheap, and so simple to use you'll forget you even have it until you need it again. 


Apple AirPods


The AirPods might be the most intuitive earphones ever. Music starts playing when you pop them in your ears, automatically pauses when you take one or both buds out, and then resumes when you put them back in. When you’re only wearing one, the music plays in mono and switches to stereo when both are worn. And they're small enough to fit in your pocket, or lose (try not to do that one).


Native Union Belt Cable


You could toss a charging cable into your bag for five seconds and it would still come out as one gigantic knot. That is, of course, unless you use The Belt Cable. The good-looking, 1.2-metre braided cable comes with an integrated leather belt so it can always stay tangle-free. Not only does this Apple Lightning cable stand out among a sea of shiny white versions, but its braided design adds to its durability. It’s a better-looking cable that won’t get snarled in the everyday carry gear at the bottom of your bag.


Incase EO Travel Backpack


The Incase EO Travel Laptop Backpack is a great idea if you’ll be travelling a lot this year. Durably designed, the backpack features padded back panels and shoulder straps for comfortable wear. It’s great if you carry heaps of tech on you, because as well as featuring a padded compartment that can fit a 17″ laptop, it also has dedicated space for a tablet and smart organisation for cables and cords.