Hunt Skateboards


Somewhere between the sleepy Bellarine Peninsula of Victoria and the hustle & bustle of inner city Melbourne, Australian Skateboard Co. Hunt Skateboards was born. Founder Alexander Hunt was fuelled by his father’s nostalgic skateboard stories from the 60’s, as he was destined to fall into the skateboard manufacturing business.

Hunt Skateboards specialise in manufacturing made-to-order hardwood cruisers, which are entirely crafted by hand. The boards are a modern take on shapes that existed in the early 60’s, solid hardwood timber decks, narrow trucks and a flat kicker.

The feeling of the boards is between a short board and long board; versatile with their manoeuvrability yet solid, stable and built for speed. While simple in its design, its custom-manufactured hardware and truck placement was thoughtfully considered to achieve a unique yet familiar feeling to surfing.


Hunt Skateboards offers a range of hand painted designs from the hand of co-owner Alex as well as custom design skateboards for businesses, unique artwork for individuals, and also organisations such as Beyond Blue and YGAP, which they have collaborated with. Whatever the client is after the Hunt team will make happen all using only their hands as tools.

Hunt Skateboards is deeply engaged in what has always driven the surf culture: a laid back, creative attitude to seeking joy and a release. Much to the likes of when the skateboard was first invented; it wasn’t about designing something new, rather, finding an alternative to surfing when there were no waves. This approach to life is what inspires Hunt; a collective that is about having fun and appreciating something hand crafted and unique.

Recently Alex and Caitlin gave up their careers and are currently travelling around Australia showcasing their boards and working on orders from their self-built workshop out the back of their van. Follow them on their journey through both Instagram handles Hunt Skateboards and Sandy (the name of their van).

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