James Jannard Founder of Oakley and Red Cameras Lives in a Bond Lair


Brutalism is usually reserved for large office buildings built between the 1950s and ‘70s. Rarely, if ever, does one come across a home built in this aggresive architectural style. The Trousdale Estate is one of the few.

Owned by the founder of both Oakley and RED Cameras, James Jannard, this home embraces the wild and stark concrete-forward style pioneered by Le Corbusier. Jannard allowed iDGroup, the architectural firm he contracted to build the home, a surprising amount of free reign during the design process. According to the firm, they only met a few times to hammer out the details. What they finally agreed on is a sprawling home, that from the outside looks like a science-fiction inspired Stonehenge, and on the inside comes off as a villain’s layer. Jannard spared no detail. Most of the furniture was custom built for the home, and the appliances were conceived of by his own product designers. One of the most impressive parts of the home, however, is its location. From the back yard of the home, one can look out over the entirety of the Los Angeles basin all the way out to the sea. [H/T: Wallpaper]