Janus Motorcycles Gryffin 250

Having fun on two wheels doesn’t have to be complicated, it really boils down to grabbing a fist full of throttle and strapping on a smile. Believing in this fundamental spirit of the motorcycle experience, Janus Motorcycles brings affable design and simplistic mechanics in a scrambler package with their Gryffin 250.

As the name implies, the Gryffin is powered by a 229cc single cylinder four-stroke, providing enough power to zoom across town, to work each day or up the coast. A leading-link front end has the classic look of an early model bike but gets support from modern set of Ikon shocks that afford great handling through braking and turns for the little bike. Janus assembles their motorcycles individually at their facility in northern Indiana, U.S.A with a small team of passionate people.