Short Film ‘Judgement’ is a Lesson in Not Giving a Fuck


Directors Lincoln Caplice and Stefan Hunt have known each other since high school.

In the years since, they’ve both been chipping away at the motion picture game, working together on a bunch of projects and pushing each other to go further. Not one to do things in half measures, Stef recently pulled off an ambitious project called We’re All Going to Die: an arts, film and creative festival that debuted in Sydney this month. As part of the film festival component, Linc was asked to direct a piece on the theme of “judgement”, and whilst he was eager to get involved, he says he really had no idea where to start. Monster Children asked Linc to tell the backstory behind his incredible short, shot by Campbell Brown, and sat on the sidelines while he interviewed main character of Judgement, the truly one-of-a-kind Jacko.

“I liked the idea of a monologue performed by someone who has to deal with being judged on a day-to-day basis,” Lincoln says. “Even though I didn’t write Judgement with Jacko in mind, when I saw him performing Iggy Pop’s ‘I Want To Be Your Dog’ with Coffin I knew he’d be perfect for the role. Adorned with nothing but fishnet stockings and a dog collar, with almost every inch of his body covered in tattoos—he was the living, breathing example of not giving a fuck.

“He actually calls himself the Aussie Iggy Pop, and in a homage to Iggy covering himself in peanut butter, Jacko did the same with Vegemite whilst supporting The Cosmic Psychos recently. In the time learning lines and rehearsing with him, he told me countless stories of times he’s had people throw their judgement on him, whether that’s someone muttering under their breath about his tattoos or just a simple sideways glance. He’s had to learn not to care and just be himself—something I respect immensely.”

Check out the full interview with Stefan and Lincoln here.