Kawasaki KZ400 Type 14

Distilling a motorcycle to its core components, removing anything not necessary for the basic stop and go functions, can be a tough challenge to get just right while still keeping the bike operable. Feeling up to the challenge, the family at Auto Fabricia tackled this minimalist approach with their rendition of a Kawasaki KZ400 known as ‘Type 14,’ a bike so pure it leaves nothing on the table.

Working with a well to do donor, brothers Bujar, Gaz, and their teammate Toby set out to de-tab and declutter the stock unit, all but devouring the entire bike in the process. The tubular steel frame saw a new looped subframe that accepted upgraded shock in the rear and cradled a handmade suede leather seat, capped with a flush mount LED taillight. The two cylinder engine received a full tear down and rebuild with some performance tuning mods applied to the head, before mating to a beautifully hand bent set of custom exhaust pipes. The original fuel tank was completely ditched before mounting a bespoke unit in its place, and a set of ultra low riser bars position the riding stance perfectly for this frilless flyer.