Lessons Learned on the Road


Life’s got a funny way of deciding things for you.

You can sit there endlessly pondering next chapters with no catalyst to send you down one chute or the other, and then bam. You’re off. This is exactly what happened to Beren Hall, a friend who’s been on a voyage of self, and geographic discovery for the best part of a year. Last November, Beren and his fiancé split after seven years together. The life-map that “Bez” had loosely planned out in his head vanished. Instead of the preordained manner in which a male in his 30s is expected to behave post life-changing breakup—booze, drugs, dating inappropriately young women—Beren moved out, quit his job, sold the guts of what he owned, bought a Land Cruiser and took off around the country.

When Alistair Klinkenberg eventually caught up with Bez—reception in the sparsely populated parts of this huge island leave a little to be desired—he was in a little town on the NSW/Victorian border and it was raining. The reason for the call, asides from a catch up, was that for the past year Beren’s extended network of desk-dwelling friends have been following his journey via the regular and exquisite photos he uploads to his Instagram. Plenty of work mornings in the Monster Children office start with, “Did you see Beren’s photo?” To which the response is always yes, followed by a mixture of jealousy and good on hims. Klinkenberg figured a photo series that captivating—both in terms of the photos themselves and the stories behind them—was too special to be left on an app. He was eager to find out how exactly Beren’s trip began, where he’s been and, perhaps most crucially, what he’s learned.

See some of Beren's amazing images below, and head to Monster Children for the full feature here.