Luke Shadbolt and Pure Oceanic Violence


Luke Shadbolt‘s known for capturing the ocean at its most volatile, and his latest exhibition Acquiesce the Front is no exception.

The exhibition opened at Photo London with Michael Reid gallery, and get this, it was shortlisted by none other than Brian May. Like, the Brian MayLuke’s series explores the exchange of power in nature, seen in the transfer of energy from the ocean to the land.

The good news is that the show’s now in Surry Hills in Sydney. If you’re in the market for something special to jazz up the wall, or you just like being out in the open, like a Labrador, then we highly suggest heading along for a browse. Details below.

Luke Shadbolt – Acquiesce The Front is on 15th November to 2nd December at the Michael Reid Gallery, Standard House, 105 Kippax Street Surry Hills.