Modernica X Stance Rocking Chair

Contemporary furniture company Modernica and Stance, (the sock company), have combined their disparate design acumens to bring a unique look to the rocking chair. This fresh new design from Modernica and Stance shows that the rocking chair is far from finished.

Modernica has created a steady supply of Arm Shell chairs over the years, but this is the first we’ve seen like this. The white, solid maple pontoon has their trademark design – and the overlay is all Stance’s doing. A premium brand in the sock game, Stance has inlaid blue strands of yarn over the front of the chair (putting a new spin on the grandmother knitting in a rocker motif, perhaps). A 200-needle, limited edition blue-print sock comes packaged with your order. Cozy up by the fire, snug in your blueprint socks, and rock out with this new arm shell from Modernica and Stance.