New Balance Presents: Tri Color


There’s an actual new, full PJ Ladd part in New Balance’s new web offering Tricolor. Wearing shoes featuring no more than three colours, he brings his trademark technical wizardry to the type of perfect Southern California spots that only he can take full of advantage of. Notably, he returns to his roots and ends on a series of classic, can-you-rewind-that combos on the bench ledge at Boston’s Eggs. Moving past PJ, there were well-deserved full parts from Franky Villani and Flo Mirtain which form the rest of the 20 minute video’s backbone. Flo’s even had a little intro skit making fun of his French heritage, harkening back to the glory days of full length videos with acting turns from Tom Karangelov and Jake Hayes. The remaining team members are featured in a duo of montages with some solid skateboarding and this video made me fully realize how stacked the New Balance Numeric team is. I would have loved to see more footage from all involved, notably Alexis Sablone, Jordan Trahan, Marquise Henry, Antoine Asselin, and Tom Karangelov, who incredibly only make up a fraction of the remaining members.


Favouring classic fisheye angles would have been greatly appreciated as well, as the steady, dolly tracking shots made a lot of the insane skating seem clinical more than an organic interpretation of each skater’s surroundings. Even so, New Balance is onto something here. A more focused, art-directed long-form video featuring the whole team had more of an impact and communicated more about the brand than the shorter clips we’ve grown accustomed to. You don’t need to print DVDs or have an expensive premiere tour but, as far as promotional videos and the internet goes, I think more companies should give a look at what New Balance is up to. It felt special to sit down and settle in, knowing I was in for 20+ minutes of focused skateboarding. Can Alexis Sablone have the last part in the next one, please?