New Blood


So you’ve probably already heard that Dion Agius has joined the carefully curated Haydenshapes team.

But the waves, and the surfing in this clip is too good not to share. Dion’s particular with the companies that he associates himself with (apart from Monster, but you can’t really blame him for taking a healthy packet for hiding a small green “m” next to the fins) and Haydenshapes, and their team, fits perfectly with his aesthetic. In terms of a welcome, well, pretty sure the lens work of Tyge Landa and “Big Dav” Fox speaks for itself.


Filmed entirely in the untouched surfing mecca of north-east Queensland, the wedges and ramps rolling over rock shelves in this little zone act as the perfect theatre to showcase Dion’s unique take on this surfing caper. Whilst he mightn’t be the most stylish surfer on the HS team in the traditional manner (which is hardly slander considering Craig and Nate Tyler also ride HS crafts), you can’t fault Dion’s consistency and hunger to land something big. Moreover, if you’re talking about surfers who’ve shaped the culture over the last decade—think, Proxy Noise, black boards, front grips, entrepreneurial ventures, and bringing an altogether acknowledgment of wider culture to the notoriously narrowminded sport—then Dion takes a well-earned seat at the table with Reynolds, Knost, and a select few who bucked what was acceptable and set off on their own trip. A worthy addition to the team, to say the least.