There is No Room to Stumble at Shipsterns


James McKean was 14 when he saw the first Shipstern's stairs descend, now he's one of the best out there. It takes a certain type of personality and or upbringing to find amusement in surfing cold, mutilated waves. For most, boardies, sand and soft walls will do just fine. James McKean is one of those individuals who feel alive zipping up head to toe in rubber and hurling himself into life-threatening situations atop a surfboard.

As previously stated Mr McKean was just 14 when Shipsterns first became a thing. Mark Mathews (19 at the time), ventured down to Tasmania's famous shelf with a band of fellow men of large testicular stature (including WSL Comissioner Kieran Perrow) back in 2001 to cut the ribbon. James was there, bathing in the thrill of it all, vowing that he too would master the art of threading the Bluff's fickle cylinder. Turns out, he has.