Watch Candle; Noa Deane's Latest Freesurfing Miracle


“Candle?” Noa asked when Stab inquired on the title of his new edit, shot over three months spanning from Ballina to Indonesia to Portugal. “Nah, there’s nothing behind the name. It’s just what I came up with while looking around the room at random stuff, trying to come up with a name. It’s funny, sometimes coming up with a name becomes such a mission,” he laughs. 

"A name that doesn’t bother you actually is what it is. I think it’s alright."

Noa’s surfing is frank. Instead of inflating Mr Deane’s skillset, let’s talk about what brings the clicks and gets the chicks in the age of paranoia: Sharks! In Ballina.

“I’ve heard stories of them (the gov) catching like 100 in three months which is pretty gnarly,” says Noa. “So it’s a little bit sharky. I think they’re just catching them on drum lines and then towing them out the back and letting them go. Which seems kind of weird. It’s pretty quiet in the water there. Although there are still guys out, instead of 100 there are only like 20.”