Nomad Wireless Charging Hub


Apple excited a lot of folks in the middle of last year when they announced Qi charging compatibility with their new iPhone 8 and X. Not only did this mean a more seamless charging experience for users – but it also meant fresh new gadgets would be rolling out from second party suppliers. Out of all the interesting and well designed chargers that we’ve seen so far, the Nomad Wireless Charging Hub stands out the most.

This hockey-puck like device is designed to sit unassumingly on a desk or nightstand and juice up your phone with its wireless top output of 7.5 watts. The charging station also features four wired ports for both USB C and USB A ports. But don’t worry about a bunch of messy cables messing up your minimalist vibe. The underside of the charger has a cable management system that’ll put even the most OCD among us at ease.