One Stop


Here's a new clip from Adidas Skateboarding featuring Miles Silvas titled One Stop, where he skates through Koreatown in Los Angeles to a jazz soundtrack. The adidas Skateboarding produced video is a departure for both the brand and Silvas, as it offers a new feel and format. Silvas is an extremely gifted skateboarder, known for skating big obstacles, but in One Stop, he’s captured on the streets, throwing down difficult tricks at a casual clip. He doesn’t fall for the duration of the clip, uniquely filmed in a single shot, sans cuts, a rarity in skateboarding.

No one really skateboards around Los Angeles. Even the spots featured in the video are just that: Locations to arrive at and generally stay at until kicked out. This makes any footage of someone actually traversing the streets interesting, as it’s completely counterintuitive. The sparse footage throughout the video era of skateboarding where people are filmed skateboarding around Los Angeles is iconic for this reason. The gold standard being the “Amazing Rubber Boys” section of Powell Peralta's Public Domain, which features a group of young men, presumably friends, skating through the city streets set to an anthemic McRad song. Later you had the next wave of Powell riders, and perhaps the most iconic example of Mark Gonzales’ section in Video Days, much of which is filmed in Los Angeles, as he scatters about to John Coltrane’s “Traneing In,” a stylistic first in skateboarding soundtracks.

Silvas’ 5-minute line is neither. In fact, it’s a sombre interlude, seemingly extracted from some day-in-the-life that we’re never privy to. Knowing the format and structure, it’s very much a social experiment, where he’s thrown into a situation and we watch the results. Check out Silvas' interview with Monster Children here.