The Ranger from Deus Milan is Ready for Anything


Deus Ex Machina has bike shops around the world, but they’ve never taken their focus off of customer-driven custom motorcycles. And that’s a part of what makes them so great: each location produces distinctly unique bikes that best suit the people of their regions. Take, for instance, the Husqvarna FE 501 ‘The Ranger’ from Deus Milan.

This rally-ready enduro was actually built for a customer based in Stockholm, Sweden. To reflect that, Deus wanted to be absolutely sure it could handle the thick Swedish forests. So, they took the donor bike and hand-remade the tank, saddle, mudguards, and more. They also equipped the fuel-injected 510cc 6-speed engine with a tailored SC project exhaust – giving it’s performance a boost, as well. All told, this gorgeous bike (which was painted to match the owner’s Range Rover) is both a work of art and an incredibly capable off-road two-wheeler.