10 Best Vanlife Instagram Accounts

At one point or another we’ve all done it. Daydreamed about clocking out at work, getting in a car, and just driving away. We explain to ourselves that we’ll work only enough to eat, pay for fuel, and campsites. It’ll be great. Just the basics. You don’t even really care about most of the stuff you own anyway. As for the internet? That stopped being fun years ago.

But of course, that isn’t quite true. Or at least it isn’t true enough to stir you into action because the next day you wake up and head into work anyway. There are people who pull the trigger on this lifestyle. They vagabond in old, well loved vans, converted Ford’s, and trucks with rooftop tents around every continent. Sometimes they freelance to make some cash, other times they work long enough to do nothing but drive. The thing most of these modern day wanderers have in common, however, is that they share their travels on Instagram. Whether you want a little inspiration to make the leap yourself, or are just content living vicariously through that screen in your pocket, we’ve pulled together some of the best vanlife instagrams out there for you to enjoy.



Vanlife is not new to Alison Turner. Back in 2008 she up and quit her job at an ad agency and struck out on the road, leaving behind all of the trappings of her old life – including alcohol. To fill her time, she began taking photographs. She’s now a published photographer with bylines in National GeographicSlate, and many others. Her Instagram follows her adventures all across the country and the world.


Bertrand Lanneau has done something that not a whole lot of other vanlife instagram accounts have managed to do – he’s taken his travels and turned them into an annual publication. He recently released a full color magazine called Drive Your Adventure. It is chock full images from his European travels.


A couple of outdoor enthusiasts, a big blue van, and a knack for taking great photographs. What more could you ask for? These two Austrian explorers have it figured out – whether at the beach, in the mountains, or on the road they seem to manage to enjoy the best life has to offer.


Living in a van is one thing, having a distinct and arresting photographic style is another. The vanlife Instagram account Briannamadia has both. The two share photos of desert adventures with their dogs as well as their downtime in their big, orange van.


Do you really ever leave home if you live in a van? Juliana, Richmond, and Roscoe think maybe not. The trio has considers sunny California their home-base but wander all across the continent in search of adventure.


Jarret Juarez is a freelance photographer who has a real specialty for taking images of cold water surfing and surf culture along the Oregon coast. What makes his account so great, however, is his photos of the campsites he drives to in his teal VW bus.


A lot of vanlife Instagram accounts have an overproduced feel to them. Our Van View is simple enough to avoid that pitfall while still remaining visually compelling. The account consists only of shots taken from the back of a Dodge Sprinter piloted by a couple of wilderness lovers and adventurers.


When David Roth isn’t working on big deal commercials or shooting music videos, you can find him tooling around in his 1964 Mercedes Unimog. Far from a cutesy VW, this military grade adventure vehicle offers up both plenty or room for living and torque for taking on big inclines and tough trails.


A couple of climbers rolling around the great wide open in a Mercedes touring van. Their photographs all have a washed out, dreamy feel to them that comes off as both welcoming and removed. Their photographs revolve mostly around life back at the van, but the camera will occasionally follow them out to their rock climbing adventures, too.


Recently Corey and Emily and their dog Penny were all profiled in the New Yorker’s piece on the social media phenomenon, lifestyle, and business model that is #vanlife. The free spirited couple travels the country looking for adventure – whether it is surfing, hiking, or mountain biking.